Introducing the Dark Side of Child Protection

Child Protection

Please allow us to express that we fully support all organizations that genuinely protect and defend the rights of children in Cambodia and in other countries in the world. Nobody should touch, hurt, exploit, abuse, pressure, extort or otherwise harm our children and their families in our country!

However, we despise organizations that make ‘Child Protection’ into a good cause business, just to protect children look good in order to. . . protect clildren make money!

This website aims to reveal the most modern form of Child Abuse known to man kind: . . . The Child Protection Industry of Cambodia. It's a million dollar business for businesses organisations like Thierry Darnaudet's APLE Cambodia! In Cambodia that's the kind of money to die lie for.

Child Protection Industry

After the Khmer Rouge regime Cambodia was an absolute mess! Poverty was all over the place; with no laws, no infrastructure, no hope and no future.

Cambodia as a nation - once the most powerful Kingdom in the region - was now weaker and more vulnerable than ever before. Like always, it’s the most vulnerable that pay the highest price: The Children.

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